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From humble beginnings, our many years in the demolition industry have taught us that integrity and honour in our business relationships are key elements of growth and longevity. We have worked diligently to establish and maintain productive associations with contractors, subcontractors and our own employees by providing living wages, benefits and other incentives. As a result, we know we can deliver on our promises even in tough conditions, and we can provide efficient abatement and demolition services worthy of our name. Today we continue to strive toward being the first choice when developers, contractors, local governments and homeowners are considering new uses for their lands.

Our Story

In 2006 Clearview Grinding Ltd. began doing small demolitions with an excavator and a wood chip grinder (hence the name) and with a focus on recycling and land clearing. In 2009 we took on the challenge of hazardous materials abatement, bringing Clearview Environmental Ltd. on board. Now together as Clearview Demolition Ltd., we have grown to become so much more, with a fleet of heavy equipment and a team of professional operators capable of taking down the biggest, baddest projects.

A Reputation Built on Trust

Clearview is fully bonded and insured, and you can trust us to get the job done right. However, a demolition company is only as good as its track record, so don’t take our word for it - see for yourself what kind of tracks we leave in our Projects gallery.



Safety is a top priority for Clearview Demolition Ltd. Our full-time Safety Coordinator is available 24/7 for any emergencies, and is regularly reviewing our safe work procedures to ensure we are fully WCB compliant. Our Project Managers and Superintendents are Safety for Supervisor certified. Our demolition crews and heavy equipment operators are trained to recognize potential hazards so they can stop the process before accidents might occur. Our hazmat crew is trained and certified to provide hazardous material abatement services for whatever lead or asbestos-containing materials are found; vermiculite, Transite, vinyl tiles, insulation, drywall mud, linoleum, stucco, paint, etc.


As demolition industry leaders, Clearview strives to find the most effective and efficient means of removing unused, unsightly or unsafe structures to clear the way for new development, new industry, or new land uses. Once the hazardous materials are removed, our heavy equipment moves in to take on the biggest challenges with the least impact. Our high-reach excavator is capable of taking down a ten-storey building from the ground. Special attachments allow our smaller excavators to crunch the materials into bits and then delicately separate metal from concrete, wood, or whatever. Our trucks have 90 cubic yard demolition trailers capable of hauling away tonnes of materials for recycling, and low-bed trailers capable of taking our equipment just about anywhere.

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About Clearview Team

Our Team

No growing corporation can become successful without the dedication, hard work and aspirations of its leaders.

At Clearview we can appreciate the efforts and benevolence of a few good men.

Because of the excellent examples set by our leaders, our crews and office staff are equally dedicated and hard working. Their skills and professionalism cannot be adequately defined or expressed without resorting to sappy, greeting-card sentiment, so to them all we humbly offer our appreciation, commendation and gratitude for making every day a great day.

  • Mike Lalonde


  • Brad Morrison

    General Manager

  • Luke Johnston

    Project Manager/Estimator, Hazmat Projects

  • Chris Duffy

    Project Manager/Estimator, Demolition Projects

Recycling Clearview Environment


Even on the biggest sites our demolition practices are Earth-friendly. Clearview makes it a priority to recycle as much of the debris as possible, most times as much as 90% - in line with LEED’s Gold Seal standard. We salvage everything we can, and any wood or concrete that can’t be salvaged is ground-up for reuse as clean fill, road base, landscaping materials, hog fuel, or whatever else can be imagined.