The bread and butter of any demolition company – our Demo and Salvage division has extensive experience in safe, efficient, and green destruction of existing facilities. Not only do we bring any site back to a greenfield state, we do it in an environmentally conscious fashion.

We've conducted demolition operations across Western Canada, in almost every conceivable scenario. In Chilliwack, we demolished and recycled a floating marina. In Vancouver, we completely demolished 37 separate housing units totaling over 750,000 square feet. In Summerland, we handled the complicated demo of a 50,000 square foot hospital. In Calgary we demolished and recycled the materials of 12 houses which had been used as an artistic medium and were subsequently taken down during the worst flooding Calgary had seen in decades. In Banff we spent a cold winter removing Donald Cameron Hall to make way for an amphitheatre. In Fort McLeod we dismantled and recycled the old waste water treatment plant; thousands of metric tones of concrete were ground up and returned to the site as ground clean fill.

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