Q. What is demolition grinding?
A. Instead of simply transporting the wood waste to a transfer station, we use a grinder to chew up the wood frame and supports of a building. The resulting wood chips can be used as fill or as environmentally friendly topsoil.

Q. Do you demolish and remove concrete?
A. Yes. Concrete can be crushed and used as fill onsite or off-site.

Q. Is any of the material from the site salvaged?
A. One of Clearview’s first priorities on a site is to determine what material is salvageable. Anything that can be salvaged will be, with any profits returned to the site owner as a credit.

Q. Are there any waste materials that can’t be recycled?
A. Unfortunately, yes. Older insulation, stucco, and asbestos can not be recycled.

Q. Are there size limitations to the projects you can handle?
A. We can demolish any size project up to eight stories tall.

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