Trapp & Holbrook
New Westminster, BC

Clearview was contracted for the demo work on Ventana's Trapp & Holbrook project on Columbia Street in New Westminster. Over several months we removed some truly ugly decor, stripped the interior to its bones, and took down a sorry old building that had seen numerous facelifts and was literally falling apart at the seams. We had little room to work, with occupied buildings on both sides, busy Front Street to the East and very busy Columbia Street to the West. Regardless, our machines took a big bite out of some derelict architecture to make way for Ventana's new commercial and residential project - a step forward in the downtown community plan for the City of New Westminster.

Appearances can be deceiving - this fine looking old building isn't so fine!

Rather unpleasant view of the back of the building.

Working our way down to ground level.

Just the front facade remains.

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