Sir Alex. Mackenzie School
Inuvik, NWT

This project consisted of asbestos and lead abatement in a school that was built in 1954 and saw its final students in 2012. This work was contracted for completion in mid-May 2014, but we were able to finish up almost a month ahead of schedule due to the dedication of our crews who worked long hours in extreme conditions.

The sign says it all.

Some late additions to our convoy. These are just the babies! Dad was as big as our truck.

Our fearless leaders about to take us across an Ice Road.

We arrive in Inuvik, glad to be able to get to work after our 5 day journey...

... as soon as we can get our equipment thawed out!

Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, undergoing hazardous materials removal.

Removing the lead painted windows.

Built in 1954. Closed in 2012. Ready for demolition in May 2014.

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