Richmond Lions Manor
Richmond, BC

This project consisted of hazardous materials abatement and demolition of a 7-storey residential high-rise in Richmond for Vancouver Coastal Health. There was a significant amount of hazardous materials to be abated, which involved erecting scaffold and installing shrink-wrap to the entire building. After using our high-reach excavator to demolish the building, all concrete was recycled on site.

Those aren't tacky orange drapes left over from the 70's. That's the poly we used to seal off the building for abatement.

Warming up the high reach excavator.

Starting at the top.

Taking a big concrete bite out of the top of the building - and we still aren't maxed out!

A view of the other side of the building demo in progress.

It's not really leaning that much.

Can't find the building we demolished? Try looking at that nice park we left in it's place!

See how recycling demolition waste can save you money.

A step by step breakdown of an average demolition site.

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