From the start to finish of every demo project, Clearview looks to minimize impact on the Earth by maximizing the recycling and reuse of recovered materials.

All salvageable material will be removed and sold, with any revenue passed on to you. All valuable recyclable material (such as metals) will be sent for scrap, and the client will receive any payment for the materials. Non-valuable recyclable material (like drywall or insulation) will be sent to a recovery facility. Any green waste or wood can be ground and used as fill. Concrete from a foundation or driveway can be ground to be used as fill.

We document and track all waste to ensure it has been fully recycled, and we can provide a LEED tracking form if requested.

Our green policies don’t end on the job site. All our equipment runs on bio-fuel, and our office staff takes part in recycling and carpool initiatives.

See how recycling demolition waste can save you money.

A step by step breakdown of an average demolition site.

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