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Clearview Demolition Ltd. is a BC based demo services company with more than ten years’ experience in commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential demolition. Our in-house hazmat team is fully qualified to safely remove any asbestos or lead containing materials before demolition begins, or if any hazardous materials are uncovered during the demolition process. Our investment in good people and quality heavy equipment affords a level of professionalism rarely seen in destruction, putting us at the forefront of all other demo companies serving Western Canada.

We get to travel the country and WRECK stuff!

Demo & Salvage

From start to finish of every demolition project, Clearview looks to maximize the recycling and reuse of recovered materials. Valuable antiquities, fixtures or furnishings are sent to resellers. All salvageable material is removed and sent to salvage companies. Non-valuable recyclable material (like drywall or insulation) is sent to a recovery facility. Wood or green waste is ground and used as fill, landscaping material or hog fuel. Concrete is broken apart from the rebar and is ground to be used as backfill or road base. Even the smallest debris is welcomed at the landfill when necessary because it settles down into the gaps and reduces space for the accumulation of hazardous gases.

Hazmat Abatement

Removal and disposal of hazardous materials is some of the most exacting and precise demolition work in the world. When the stakes are this high, you need to trust that your demo company can get the job done right. That's why Clearview has spent years refining and developing our lead and asbestos abatement processes, so you can rest easily knowing your project is in good hands.

Completely certified and trained, with a spotless WorkSafeBC record, Clearview's unique vermiculite removal process is faster than the competition, while maintaining the same high standards of air purity. Thanks to our trailer-mounted HEPA vacuum, we're able to quickly and safely remove huge volumes of contaminated material for off-site disposal. We're fully bonded and insured, and a letter of completion and an air monitoring report can be provided upon request.

The prevalence of lead paint/coatings in older buildings is a serious concern for many property owners. Our fully trained lead abatement team can remove all traces of lead from existing structures, with safe work methods specific to each area of concern. An environmental test can be provided to evaluate lead status at the end of the project.

Services Clearview Demo Concrete Crushing

Concrete Crushing & Recycling

With the prevalence of concrete construction in old hospitals, mills, plants and industrial buildings, Clearview is an industry leader in the use of heavy-duty processing equipment to demolish these crumbling old structures. Gone is the swinging wrecking ball of yesteryear; today, our Volvo excavators are equipped with LaBounty shears capable of cutting through 28” thick solid concrete. Our skilled operators expertly separate concrete from rebar and feed the concrete directly into our track-mounted concrete processor where it is crushed down to bits the equivalent of 3” minus. This can be stored on site and used as backfill, or loaded into our rock truck or demo bins for removal and recycling.


If you're considering rebuilding your home but are concerned about the impact demolition will have on your neighbours, we'd be happy to consult with you on the best-for-you method of proceeding. You have our guarantee that all work will be done to code, on spec, and on time.